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PostSubject: Event list   Event list EmptyWed Aug 17, 2011 12:40 am

  • Last Man Standing

-----GM will be in hide mode while spawn multiple numbers of bombs on a platform, you will have to avoid them from getting knocked off. Last person on the platform wins the game.


-----GM will be spawning one Beer Eaters every 10 seconds, avoid them as best as you can. Last Man Standing wins the game.

  • Hide & Seek

-----GM will be in hide mode in a random place in the world of maple, GM will be giving hints on where he/she is. First person to find the GM wins.

  • Jump Quest

-----Some JQ maps will have monster and some wont. First one to the top wins.

  • OX quiz

-----GM will say a True or False question, and you will have 10 seconds to move whether to the left (O true) or right (X false). Last person to answer all question correctly wins.

  • Russian Roulette

-----GM will be in hide mode on a random platform, and you will have 15 seconds to find a platform (5 platform to choose) to stay on. Once the 15 seconds are up you must stay on the platform and not move. GM will come out of hide mode, which ever platform the GM is on will be DQ and immediately warped out.
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