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 New Player Guide Event!

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New Player Guide Event! Empty
PostSubject: New Player Guide Event!   New Player Guide Event! EmptySat Aug 20, 2011 10:50 pm

Welcome to the New Player Guide Event! We are looking for the best new player guide to help new player get a sense of things around the server.

Event Rules:
1. Must have 10+ Post before you can Participate in this event (Spamming is not welcome).
2. Has to be Original (Don't copy from other servers because I seen them all and I will catch you).
3. "[Event]" has to be in title and must be posted in Guides and FAQs to be considered.
4. Only 1 Guide per Person will be accepted.
5. Final revisions of your guide must be have "[Final]" at the end of the title in order to be processed.

General things that need to be talked about in the guide:
-Server Rules
-Training Spots

You are open to include more if you wish. The more details you include the more likely you are to win.

What we will be looking for:
1. Clean Guide (No unnecessary information)
2. Comprehensive Information (Dont just tell me where to find npc, tell me what they do and what they sell... etc)
3. Fluid Usage of Language (Is the guide clear and easy to follow?)
4. Punctuation&Spelling (Spell it right or GTFO)
5. CONTENT! ( ex.Picture, Video, Paragraph...etc.)
6. Does it follow the rules of the event at the top?

Guide Stickied
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DEADLINE: September16, 2012
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New Player Guide Event!
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