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 The Ultimate Boss

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PostSubject: The Ultimate Boss   The Ultimate Boss EmptyFri Aug 26, 2011 3:30 pm

A ton of new equipment will be added in the upcoming patches.
Players will obviously want to obtain these new items, but they shouldn't be spoon fed.
With that said, Mario [TestItem] and I were in the FM earlier coming up with ideas to make the ultimate boss.
Since the majority of the players on the server have rebirths.
This means that we have rather godly HP, MP, ATK, DEF, Avoid, & Acc.
In order to create a boss worthy of being described as a challenge, it's necessary to have a combination of the games most vicious and notorious monsters.
Simply giving the boss high HP and ATK will not be enough.
It must have an impeccable skill set and present genuine danger to our most powerful players.
An issue that is commonly found in private servers that have the rebirth feature is that players become so powerful there is no need to ask others for help.
There is no boss that could honestly oppose a player with mass buffs and MSI's.
In servers without rebirth feature, the community is a bit closer, simply because they have to rely on each others strengths to accomplish their goals.
Please don't misunderstand what I am trying to say, I am in no way suggesting that rebirths be taken away.
I know that would probably upset some of the players.
All I'm saying is that at the present moment we can probably 1hko the majority of the bosses even without onyx apples.
An ultimate boss would surely give us something to look forward to, especially because we have the power to create something far beyond chaos zak, chaos horntail, or even chaos pink bean.

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PostSubject: Re: The Ultimate Boss   The Ultimate Boss EmptyFri Aug 26, 2011 7:58 pm

Very interesting suggestion. There are many ways to make a ultimate boss but it requires a lot of thought and skill to make such a Mob. I do understand what you mean though so I will take this into considering with the other staff members and possibly get it implemented.
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The Ultimate Boss
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